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Review: Crecy

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Written by: Warren Ellis
Illustrated by: Raulo Caceres
Regular edition cover: Felipe Massafera
San Diego variant cover: Raulo Caceres
Published by: Avatar Press

This is a historical comic about one of the greatest battles in England’s history. During the battle of Crecy a small army of English warriors routed a huge French army full of battle hardened mercenaries. In 1346 a highly trained but under equipped  English army invaded France due to a perceived threat to home security. The English conduct shock and awe raids to terrify the populace. Eventually they are driven to ground and vastly outnumbered. The resulting battle would change the face of warfare forever.

This is 44 pages of amazing storytelling and artistic awesomeness. Every page is full of beautiful detail and words. I quickly devoured this great story. This is a beautiful comic with every page amazingly drawn down to the smallest line. The story is well written and full of great detail. There is some rough but historically accurate language in this one so if you don’t care for that kind of stuff you might skip it.

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