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Now Available for Order from 215 Ink: Golgotha

Earlier this month I announced 215 Ink’s new title, Golgotha. Thank you to Andrew DelQuadro at 215 Ink for giving me a digital preview copy. The hard copy is available for order through your local comic book shop now. I for one am going to be adding this compelling book to my collection! Cthulhu demands that you should too! Keep reading for the full review.
Words: Andrew Harrison
Art: Karl Slominski

Golgotha is an insane romp through Providence, Rhode Island. With a madcap cast of druggies, Vampire Goths, Gutter Punks, and one dealer you experience a mad cap adventure of Scooby Doo on acid proportions.

The grave of H.P. Lovecraft has been robbed, and now his skull is missing. Druggie Aleister Bloom breaks out of rehab with the help of his friend Jude and together they embark on an epic quest with the help of their completely insane group of friends Moira, the Grims, and Crazy Henry. Along the way they take on Brazilian Goth Vampires, Gutter Punk Johnny Orangpeel, Many the drug dealer, and the Chuds to return Lovecraft’s skull to his grave. And don’t forget to keep your eye on the black cat!

I love this book with my very soul! The art is otherworldly, with writing to match. The cast of characters is amazing and fun to read.  You would have to be OUT of your ever-loving mind not to read this book.

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New Title from 215 Ink: Golgotha (with Video Trailer)

The great news from 215 Ink just keeps coming with the announcement of Golgotha. This is a title that we look forward to reviewing for you. Check out the video trailer below to see why.
Golgotha - Available in Previews April 2013

215 Ink is pleased to introduce Golgotha – a 130-page romp through the mythical beginnings and ominous present of H.P. Lovecraft’s hometown of Providence, Rhode Island.

Golgotha follows the harrowing happenings of a few fun-loving junkies as they attempt to recover the stolen skull of Lovecraft – a totem that holds enough power and secrets to send Providence straight into the sea.

“Golgotha is a must for any horror fan,” said 215 Ink President Andrew DelQuadro, “with a fast-paced story from Andrew Harrison and the manic illustration of Karl Slominski.”

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215 Ink Comes to comiXology

215 Ink215 Ink has announced that they will begin releasing their books on comiXology. From their press release:

In our continuing effort to bring you the best new comics in the most convenient ways, 215 Ink has begun utilizing Comixology as a platform.

“Bringing our catalogue to ComiXology was a no-brainer,” explained 215 Ink President Andrew DelQuadro, “we want to make sure that as many people can read our books as possible, and this is a proven platform.”

The first round of 215 Ink books to hit the new platform’s virtual shelves include Jim Starlin’s Mindgames, Little Heroes and IGN’s Best of 2011 award-winner Vic Boone: Malfunction Murder, with a new round of titles in the coming weeks.

Congratulations to 215 Ink for expanding into this new platform for digital comic books. It sounds like a match made in heaven to us.

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