Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
By F. Scott Fitzgerald
Adapted by Nunzio DeFilippisand Christina Weir
Illustrated by Kevin Cornell

Truly an epic story about a man who aged backwards. Backwards, you say?! Why that’s absurd! But it’s true!

Benjamin was born an old man with a long beard and moustache, and aged backwards until he faded away. While this is a really amazing story, it’s also quit tragic. For as the poor man should be living out his glory years, much like an Alzheimer’s patient he is losing who he is and was. The amazing adventures of his life are fading from memory, and he with them.

This adaptation contained all the heart and soul of the original story. As I read I felt Benjamin’s frustrations and grieved with him.  Cornell’s art is superb as he helps spin the yarn of Benjamin and his odd life. I read this whole book in one sitting I loved it so much. While the story is quite sad, it does have many high points and is truly very fun to read!

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New Title from 215 Ink: Golgotha (with Video Trailer)

The great news from 215 Ink just keeps coming with the announcement of Golgotha. This is a title that we look forward to reviewing for you. Check out the video trailer below to see why.
Golgotha - Available in Previews April 2013

215 Ink is pleased to introduce Golgotha – a 130-page romp through the mythical beginnings and ominous present of H.P. Lovecraft’s hometown of Providence, Rhode Island.

Golgotha follows the harrowing happenings of a few fun-loving junkies as they attempt to recover the stolen skull of Lovecraft – a totem that holds enough power and secrets to send Providence straight into the sea.

“Golgotha is a must for any horror fan,” said 215 Ink President Andrew DelQuadro, “with a fast-paced story from Andrew Harrison and the manic illustration of Karl Slominski.”

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Daddy Cool

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Daddy Cool
Written by: Donald Goines and Donald Glut
Artist: Alfredo P. Alcala
Cover and book Design: Jesse Dena

When I picked this book up I got it because it was about a hit man seeking vengeance in defense of his daughter’s honor. Says so, right on the cover. What I didn’t realize until I had read the entirety of Daddy Cool was that in my hands I held the graphic novel adaptation of famed novel writer Donald Goines, “Master of the Black Experience novel.”

Daddy Coolis a middle-aged hit man who owns a pool hall as a front and has seen and done things that would even curl your greasy hair. He is a master at his own hand crafted throwing knives . He does his best to never leave a shred of evidence that could be traced to him and his family. Daddy Cooladmits to making mistakes in the past, and that he doesn’t want to repeat them.

He is married with one daughter and two step-sons. After a fight with his daughter (the oldest of the children) she runs away with her boy friend, who is a pimp, and proceeds to make some pretty bad decisions. When Daddy Coolfinds out, all hell breaks loose. Along the way we see bad choices by the boys and their eventual repercussions as well.  He is Daddy Cool:Hitman, pool hall owner, and father.

Daddy Coolis a fast-paced, easy read with some nudity and plenty of violence. The black and white art is as amazing as the writing. Beautifully drawn, with a great panel lay out that sometimes takes up two pages. By the end of the book I was in love with Daddy Cooland his friends. I was hungry for more. The afterword describes the murders of Donald and his wife Shirley, and it sounds like they may have been unsolved. Their two young daughters were left orphaned. Donald’s funeral was attended by hundreds of people who loved his books.

I have every intention of looking up and reading as many of Donald Goines‘ books as I can find. R.I.P. Mr. Goines. Thanks for the great read.

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215 Ink Comes to comiXology

215 Ink215 Ink has announced that they will begin releasing their books on comiXology. From their press release:

In our continuing effort to bring you the best new comics in the most convenient ways, 215 Ink has begun utilizing Comixology as a platform.

“Bringing our catalogue to ComiXology was a no-brainer,” explained 215 Ink President Andrew DelQuadro, “we want to make sure that as many people can read our books as possible, and this is a proven platform.”

The first round of 215 Ink books to hit the new platform’s virtual shelves include Jim Starlin’s Mindgames, Little Heroes and IGN’s Best of 2011 award-winner Vic Boone: Malfunction Murder, with a new round of titles in the coming weeks.

Congratulations to 215 Ink for expanding into this new platform for digital comic books. It sounds like a match made in heaven to us.

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Freaks of the Heartland

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Freaks of the Heartland

Written by: Steve Niles (30 Days of Night)
Art and Letters by: Greg Ruth

A story of two brothers: one “normal” and the other freakishly large and full of mysterious powers.

Trevor has looked after his “little” brother Will for six years. Will is locked in the barn and kept out of sight, only seeing the outside world when Trevor sneaks him out to play after dark. About the time Will hints to Trevor that there are other children like him, the fit hits the shan. Suddenly the boys are thrust into an adventure that has Trevor making friends with neighbor Maggie and her secret sibling, and more children just like Will. You quickly find out that this little midwestern town has a dark secret they are trying to hide, and will do anything they can to hide it. Trevor, Maggie, Will and friends try to make their escape from the hate that fills their small town.

This is a great story about friendship, acceptance, and the love of two brothers. The art is amazing and well thought out. There are some great concept sketches in the back, that show how these amazing characters came to life as well as some great notes from the artist. This is another story that was so good, I had to read it twice in one sitting.

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