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Review: Scarlet by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev

Click the image to purchase on Amazon.SCARLET

Created and Produced by: Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev
Letters by: Chris Eliopoulous

Page 1 –
Full page spread
Ext. Alley-night
Violence. Death!!

This is part of Bendis’s own script and it sets the stage for an amazing comic!!!

SCARLET is one of the most epic graphic novels I have read to date. With amazing art and a kick ass story, this comic takes you on a ride much like listening to a Rage Against the Machinealbum. It punches you in the face, then kicks you in the groin. I love the amazing use of color in this book, especially red….er Scarlet.

This is a story about a screwed up world where cops get away with selling drugs and murder, and the average everyday joe, or punker in this case can get set up for the crimes. Next thing you know, you have two innocent people getting shot and one vendetta. Pick up this graphic novel and get ready for a kick ass ride through Scarlet’s story of heartbreak and revenge! YOU GOTTA READ IT!


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Now Available for Order from 215 Ink: Golgotha

Earlier this month I announced 215 Ink’s new title, Golgotha. Thank you to Andrew DelQuadro at 215 Ink for giving me a digital preview copy. The hard copy is available for order through your local comic book shop now. I for one am going to be adding this compelling book to my collection! Cthulhu demands that you should too! Keep reading for the full review.
Words: Andrew Harrison
Art: Karl Slominski

Golgotha is an insane romp through Providence, Rhode Island. With a madcap cast of druggies, Vampire Goths, Gutter Punks, and one dealer you experience a mad cap adventure of Scooby Doo on acid proportions.

The grave of H.P. Lovecraft has been robbed, and now his skull is missing. Druggie Aleister Bloom breaks out of rehab with the help of his friend Jude and together they embark on an epic quest with the help of their completely insane group of friends Moira, the Grims, and Crazy Henry. Along the way they take on Brazilian Goth Vampires, Gutter Punk Johnny Orangpeel, Many the drug dealer, and the Chuds to return Lovecraft’s skull to his grave. And don’t forget to keep your eye on the black cat!

I love this book with my very soul! The art is otherworldly, with writing to match. The cast of characters is amazing and fun to read.  You would have to be OUT of your ever-loving mind not to read this book.

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Review: The Underwater Welder

The Underwater WelderWritten and drawn by Jeff Lemire

“Picture if you will, a man named Jack. Occupation: Underwater Welder. Tomorrow it will be Halloween, and the children in white sheets roam the streets, Jack will be haunted by a different kind of ghost entirely. Because down there, in the vastness of the ocean, deep below where even the light of a blowtorch is swallowed up in the darkness, there is a doorway. And on the other side? memories, just as dark, …and the cold, wet embrace of the Twilight Zone.” ~ Damon Lindelof (co-creator of lost)
February, 2012

From the time I read the Forward of The Underwater WelderI was caught, hook, line, and sinker. This is an amazing story about a man (Jack) coming to terms with his late father’s mysterious death, and the birth of his own son on that same fateful day. Halloween.

Jack is becoming a new father, and I think it scares him. This graphic novel takes you through the time right before the birth of his son. Through the book you get a look at the effects of Jacks anxieties on his family and friends. As his trouble ripples through those around him, you see Jack’s anxiety break him down, and turn him inside out. As he comes to terms with his father’s death, he finds what he needs to be a good father. I really enjoyed this book for a number of reasons. The art in this book is as amazing as the story, and just like the story there are moments of amazing clarity. I really enjoyed Jeff Lemire‘s story telling style, and flow. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest local comic vending purveyor, or click my link and take a trip to the unfathomable depths of the ocean with Jack The Underwater Welder in this amazing graphic novel.

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Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Click the image to purchase on
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
By F. Scott Fitzgerald
Adapted by Nunzio DeFilippisand Christina Weir
Illustrated by Kevin Cornell

Truly an epic story about a man who aged backwards. Backwards, you say?! Why that’s absurd! But it’s true!

Benjamin was born an old man with a long beard and moustache, and aged backwards until he faded away. While this is a really amazing story, it’s also quit tragic. For as the poor man should be living out his glory years, much like an Alzheimer’s patient he is losing who he is and was. The amazing adventures of his life are fading from memory, and he with them.

This adaptation contained all the heart and soul of the original story. As I read I felt Benjamin’s frustrations and grieved with him.  Cornell’s art is superb as he helps spin the yarn of Benjamin and his odd life. I read this whole book in one sitting I loved it so much. While the story is quite sad, it does have many high points and is truly very fun to read!

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