Review: Scarlet by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev

Click the image to purchase on Amazon.SCARLET

Created and Produced by: Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev
Letters by: Chris Eliopoulous

Page 1 –
Full page spread
Ext. Alley-night
Violence. Death!!

This is part of Bendis’s own script and it sets the stage for an amazing comic!!!

SCARLET is one of the most epic graphic novels I have read to date. With amazing art and a kick ass story, this comic takes you on a ride much like listening to a Rage Against the Machinealbum. It punches you in the face, then kicks you in the groin. I love the amazing use of color in this book, especially red….er Scarlet.

This is a story about a screwed up world where cops get away with selling drugs and murder, and the average everyday joe, or punker in this case can get set up for the crimes. Next thing you know, you have two innocent people getting shot and one vendetta. Pick up this graphic novel and get ready for a kick ass ride through Scarlet’s story of heartbreak and revenge! YOU GOTTA READ IT!


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