Get Jiro!

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Get Jiro!

Written by: Anthony Bourdain, and Joel Rose
Art by: Langdon Foss
Colors by: Jose Villarrubia, and Dave Stewart

Get Jiro is a fast-paced story about a not-so-distant future where L.A. is obsessed with food! Master Chefs rule like criminal overlords and a reservation at a prized eatery may just land your name on a hit-list. At one point there is a guy who is getting his ass kicked by a gang of toughs. One of the toughs checks the man’s phone when he gets a text message and tells the gang to stop beating the guy because he had a “Resse at Moppo!”. As the toughs are walking away the one that checked this poor guy’s phone says, “Hey if we run into each other again, tell me how it was!”

Jiro is a Sushi chef in the “outer circle.” He is quiet and good at what he does. As the book progresses you get the impression that he is definitely more than he seems. This is probably one of the most fun books I have read in the past few weeks. The story travels nicely and is well told. The art is superb and full of fun little easter eggs if you look deep into the backgrounds. I Highly recommend this fast read.

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