Comic Book and Graphic Novel Reviews

     Hi! My name is Mutt. I have been an avid comic reader since I could pick up a book and tell what was written on the page. My original comic forays started with Elfquest, Asterix, and The Smurfs.
     I have been particularly interested in independent comic books or those from smaller publishers. I loved from an early age the amazing and dangerous exploits of Conan in The Savage Sword of Conan and the harrowing tales of Cutter and Skywise as they had many adventures across the world of Two Moons. In my teens I discovered Lady Deathand Evil Ernie, Kabuki, Vampirella, Darkchylde, Witchblade, and of course one of my favorite stories to this day The Maxx!
     Does this mean I don’t like superheroes, and the comics produced by the “BIG TWO”? The answer is OF COURSE NOT!! They are just not my favorite. I have been known to devour Batman, Wolverine, and The Incredible Hulk. I just prefered the adventures of Sgt Rock, and The Warlord. In the posts to come I hope you find reviews that will compel you to read something outside your normal choices. I hope you will find a story that makes you cry, laugh, or drop your jaw in amazement. Mostly, I just hope you will read.
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